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Advocate Journey

My Story

Before I started advocating for wolves, my first loves were dogs and horses. Then, as I got older, I began to be interested in werewolves; mainly American Werewolf in London. I even went as a werewolf one Halloween. Following that phase, was when I discovered the Wolf Conservation Center--and about the animal itself. I also became aware that the species was endangered, and that they were being brutally hunted close to extinction. So, I decided that I wanted to help. I began by learning more about wolves and their conservation; the WCC is one of my favorite organizations. One of the resident wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center (Zephyr) caught my eye. I loved his golden eyes and black fur. I wanted to protect other wolves just like him--and where Zephyr became my inspiration for advocacy.

Once I had learned a little about wolves, I shared this information with friends and family, educating them on why wolves are endangered and how we can protect them. At times, it got difficult, with hunters and lawmakers seemingly yearning to kill every last wolf. But I kept going. As I got older, I started small programs, signed petitions, and kept on educating. Throughout these years, I experienced joy, heartbreak, and hope. Zephyr, my inspiration and the first wolf that I symbolically adopted passed away on July 2022.


It was incredibly hard to imagine that the wolf who meant so much to me left this world. But my work is far from over. I have now created petitions, spoken to lawmakers, and become affiliated with many pro-wolf organizations--including the Wolf Conservation Center. I am grateful to have so many amazing sponsors to help me in my mission.

I feel that I will be helping wolves and other animals for the rest of my life, and I hope you can too. this world needs animals such as wolves to keep it in a healthy balance. 

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