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Activites & Info for Kids

What is a wolf?

Wolves are wild animals that live in groups called packs. Packs can be large or small. There is a mother and father wolf that are the only ones allowed to have pups. Wolf pups are super cute; born blind and deaf, the pups have a lot of growing to do! Wolf packs are like families, loving, and compassionate. Wolves can come in many different colors including black, white, gray, or a combination of all three.


Why do wolves howl?

Wolves howl when they want to talk to each other; to communicate. Howling is wolf's way of singing!

What is the life cycle of a wolf?

Just like people, wolf pups start off small--weighing only 1 pound at birth! When they are young, they first rely on their mother's milk; but soon, they will eat meat like the adults. When a wolf becomes an adult, it will leave it's home to find love!

Why do we need wolves?

Nature needs wolves to keep the earth green. In order for the ecosystem (plants and animals) to be healthy and happy, we need wolves--like the circle of life!

How can I help wolves?


You can help wolves by telling others how important wolves are. You can show pictures of wolves to people, and tell them how beautiful they are!

Red Wolf family at Endangered Wolf Center by Victoria Ziglar.jpg

Red Wolf family at Endangered Wolf Center by Victoria Ziglar.

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