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Curious red wolf at the Wolf Conservation Center by Rebecca Bose.jpg

The Petition Project

Our founder (Ivy Raen) recently initiated two petitions that would help wolves and promote their survival and influence conservation for this animal.


Ever since the petitions were launched, they have accumulated large amounts of traction! 

Partnering with other Organizations

  As we are an advocacy group, we have been making an effort to partner with other organizations alike. Our primary objective in partnering with these non-profits is to commune with one another and beef up our conservation efforts.


  We want to find other associations that are in the same alignment with our mission (advocating and educating for wolves).

#RelistWolves is one of the first campaigns that we supported, and we finally got the chance to partner with them. They have featured our logo on their website which can be seen by clicking the button below.


We are very happy to have partnered with RelistWolves and continue to fight for this keystone species.

  • Relistwolves

We are very proud to have partnered with this organization. Our founder has been featured on their website in hopes to inspire others to protect wolves. The NWWC provides visitors with a wide variety of ways to defend this essential species.

Visit their website!

  • National Wolfwatcher Coalition

Apex Protection Project is a non-profit organization in California that is dedicated to education for wolves. They also are well known for the care of rescued wolves and wolfdogs. Apex Protection Project is an amazing organization with compassionate people and beautiful animals . We are very happy to have become part of the pack.

  • Apex Protection Project

The Big Bad Project is an organization that educates and advocates for wolves. One of their methods is connecting with other organizations to amplify their advocacy for wolves. We, Conserving the Wolves are very happy to have partnered with this organization. In the furture, we will be participating in wolf conservation activities. We are thrilled to work alongside the Big Bad Project!

Fundraising/Donating Money

We, as an organization, support others alike ours. We have donated several hundred dollars to other non-profits to contribute to their cause. One of the organizations that we frequently contribute to is the WCC; which participates in the Species Survival Plan. But we could give more.


Another project is underway, in which we will accumulate money from selling pet portraits and give that to the causes.

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