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In March 2023, Lauren Boebert, along with 23 other Republicans requested that federal officals delist wolves from the Endangered Species list after their removal was reversed in 2022. In a hearing, Boebert showcased images of aborted fetuses and explained why abortion should be illegal, and that babies need to be put on the Endangered Species list.

Following this, she began her disscussion on wolves.

According to Boebert's theory, wolf populations are 'fully recovered'. Her conjecture is completely false; as wolves are brutally hunted in the US everyday (and still lack protections in the Northern Rocky Mountain regions). Wolves have also regained their protections just last year. Since the hearing, Boebert's 'Trust the Science' bill has passed the House Committee on Natural Resources on April 28th.

One of Lauren Boebert's main motives for delisting wolves is that they are attacking livestock. In actuality, only 0.2% of cattle is lost to wolf predation.

In the US, only 2 fatal wolf attacks have been recorded over the past 100 years. Which proves that wolves are not a threat to humans, their pets, and their livestock.

Although the bill still has many stages to undergo before anything is offical, we need to take action for this essential species. Wolves still need protection in other areas of North America as well such as the Rocky Mountains.

To take action for wolves in the Rocky Mountains, click the link below.

To learn more about this issue, click the link (s) below.

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