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 Money we have donated and fundraised

As a conservation effort, we try to donate to centers and facilities that are supporting and acting on wolf recovery. So far, we've donated a fair amount, but not as much as we'd like to. As an advocacy program, we educate, create campaigns, express our concerns for wolves to the government, and more. 

We also support organizations such as the Wolf Conservation Center--which participates in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) Where wolves are released to increase their wild population. Others consist of wolf biologists performing out in the field (Voyageurs Wolf Project). Our program also promotes sanctuaries that house wolves and wolfdogs who were surrendered or rescued from inhumane conditions.

But in order to keep consistently funding these conservation organizations, we need your help. Our founder, Ivy Raen is not only a dedicated wolf advocate, but also a talented artist.

We have created a new project that can benefit both the contributors AND the wolves. Requests for pet portraits will be ready to be sent in by our supporters in about a week! In addition to this, we will also be selling 2024 calenders  featuring Raen's wolf art. Calenders will be $10.


  • Each drawing will be starting at $7 a piece

  • Because these are fully customized products, we do NOT accept returns.

  • At the moment, we are only accepting dog and cat pet portraits 

*We need some time to get everything set up before our supporters can start making purchases. Thanks for understanding.

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