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Our Team

Our People

Ivy | Founder & Executive Director

Ivy Raen is the founder and executive director of Conserving the Wolves, which was established in 2017. Ever since she was young, Ivy always loved animals—invariably wolves, dogs, horses, cats, (and even snakes!) She has pursued this mission of preserving wolves since the institution was founded. The establishment was a significant part of her pursuit to enlighten others on wolves’ vital role in sustaining a healthy ecosystem. Her hobbies include graphic design, web design, writing, spending time with family, video games,  listening to music, and playing with her dog, Penny Lane.

Shaunna CM.png
Shaunna | Conservationist

Shaunna is the Director of an organization called the Big Bad Project. She educates people about the importance of wolves with her two education wolves named Tiberius and Wyatt. Shaunna has over 20+ years of experience working with captive-bred wolves and wolfdogs in education. Conserving the Wolves collaborated with the Big Bad Project in 2023. Outside of work, Shaunna enjoys taking to the artistic side, and creating amazing watercolor paintings!  She also enjoys listening to music. We are so glad to have Shaunna on our team! 

Kristal | Sponsor

Kristal is a hard-working member and sponsor. She volunteered for an animal rescue program when she was in college. Kristal has been an animal advocate for almost all her life and enjoys giving to charity. Her hobbies are singing, watching movies, traveling, and spending time with family. Kristal also appreciates assisting with activities at Conserving the Wolves.

Marcelo | Sponsor

Marcelo is a guitarist and a musician. He is a proud partner and sponsor of Conserving the Wolves. He has been a musician since he was 12 years old! He enjoys playing guitar, singing, watching movies, spending time with family, and traveling. He even has a website of his own—for his music. In addition to being a skilled guitarist, Marcelo is a music teacher at the Austin School of Music and Music & Arts. 

Glenda | Educater

Glenda is well acquainted with Yellowstone National Park and acquaintances with several Yellowstone wolf professionals and advocates; even meeting the world-renowned Douglas Smith; commissioner of the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction in 1995. She joined Ivy and Kristal partially on their month-long journey to Yellowstone. Having a devotion to animalistic things, Glenda Has taken part in advocacy for much of Yellowstone's wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, and various species of birds.

Organizations We Work With

The Big Bad Project

The Big Bad Project focuses on advocating for the survival of gray wolves and educating individuals on their importance. Together with their two education wolves, Tiberius and Wyatt, The Big Bad Project displays the beauty and importance of wolves in the natural world. Conserving the Wolves is extremely fortunate to be working alongside this amazing foundation! 

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