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Conservation Conversations (with the BIG BAD Project)

Conserving the Wolves (CTW) is delighted to announce our recent collaboration with the BIG BAD Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to wolf conservation through unique and valuable tactics. One of their initiatives, Conservation Conversations, employs discussions to educate people, discuss conservation issues, and find solutions. We are thrilled to have partnered with this incredible organization as we work towards our shared goal of saving wolves. Conservation Conversations has scheduled live YouTube streams, and we cordially invite you to participate in these sessions. In the future, Conserving the Wolves will be a co-host of Conservation Conversations; for now, we will be present as a guest during each session. We look forward to engaging with you during these exciting and informative events.

*The BIG BAD Project's events are in Eastern Time (ET). If you are joining a session, make sure to attend in your appropriate time zone.
Conservation Conversations calandar 
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