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Goodbye, Alawa

On June 29th, the world lost an amazing wolf. Her name was Alawa; she was 12 years old. Alawa was special to Conserving the Wolves, the Wolf Conservation Center, and to the survival of her wild kin. Not only was she an educator and an ambassador, but she brought joy and leadership to her two brothers; Nikai and Zephyr. Alawa inspired Silas, the newest ambassador (soon-to-be) to be just as courageous and kind as she was.

Image credit: Wolf Conservation Center

One of the things that Alawa was famous for and represented for was her lazy howls. She was deemed the "Queen of Lazy Howls". Alawa now joins all the other ambassdor wolves that made an impact of their species' survival.

We like to think Alawa and Zephyr are now together again to fill Heaven with their soulful songs. We miss you, Alawa.

Video credit: Wolf Conservation Center

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