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In the early days of December, a wolf with a radio collar around it’s neck was found to be shot down by a hunter in Manitoba, Canada. The wolf was thought to have traveled over 4,000 miles. He was collared in the summer of 2021 near Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The male wolf was seen trotting through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Finally, the wolf reached the boarder of Canada—Ontario. The wolf made an incredible journey before it was halted by his ruthless killing.

He traveled 4,200 miles in the span of about 18 months. Many of the biologists states that this young male was so called a “lone wolf” since no other wolves were recored to on the journey with him. But that should not be judged.

The wildlife biologists have been collaring wolves since 1992. The main reason for this is to track the movement and travels of certain wolves and animals. The biologists were stunned by the vast amount of land this 92 lb male covered. Wolves are known to travel far and wide across their territory. But the 4,200 miles he endured was unusual. The map that showcased where he had crossed gained many likes on social media.

This male is not the only wolf that has completed a jouney of this sort. Another wolf (003F) also made a remarkable expedition across Michigan. She was released in 2018, and tracked throughout 2019. She was also recorded to have traveled thousands of miles—just like the the 92 pound male.

Sources: MLive

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