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Updated: May 2

On February 29th, a Wyoming hunter named Cody Roberts tormented an killed a yearling female wolf. This wolf was kept alive to endure suffering for an extended period of time after she was pursued to exhaustion and struck by Cody Roberts' snowmobile. Following being run down, Cody taped her mouth shut, and paraded her around Green River bar before finally killing her behind the establishment.

The penalty for animal cruelty in the state of Wyoming is a fine of $5,000 and 2 years in prison. However, Cody Roberts was only fined a miniscule $250 for 'being in possession of a live wolf'. Prior to showing her off in the bar, Cody took her to his residence and posed for a photo. His aunt, Jeanne Ivie-roberts, mocked the situation and posted a photo of her holding a wolfskin with tape over her mouth of Facebook. In another post, Jeanne simply states: "I love and support you, Cody"

Cody Roberts posing with yearling female wolf. Image copyright: Cowboy State Daily

On April 10th, Wyoming Game and Fish released a few disturbing videos that depict the exhausted wolf lying on the floor of the bar wearing a shock collar and muzzle. In another video, Cody is seen twisting the wolf's head towards him and forcibly lifting up her front lip while kissing her as his daughter films it and laughs. "What Cody Roberts did to this innocent wolf is absolutely dispicible and inhumane and to have his family condone these actions and make a mockery out of it is extremely disheartening," says Ivy Raen; the founder of Conserving the Wolves. Wolf biologist Douglas Smith states that in the videos, it's very likely that the wolf was bleeding internally.

The videos are shown below. They are very disturbing, so please proceed with caution.

In Wyoming, wolf and coyote 'whacking' is unfortunately common. Whacking is killing wolves and coyotes by chasing them and repeatedly striking them with snowmobiles until they are dead. In Wyoming, this is all legal.

Conservation groups, including

Conserving the Wolves is joining the fight to get Cody Roberts a harsher punishment and prevent this from happening in the future by banning wolf and coyote whacking. Wyoming Game and Fish allows this to happen.

Videos from Wyoming Game and Fish Department


Who to Contact

Clayton Melinkovich:

Governor Mark Gordon: 307.777.7434 (phone)

Wyoming Game and Fish: (307) 777-4600

US Fish and Wildlife Service:

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