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On May 5, 2024, five Mexican gray wolf pups set off on a truely wild adventure. Born to Trumpet at the Wolf Conservation Center, one male and four female Mexican gray wolf pups were fostered into a wild den in New Mexico! The WCC participates in the Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) program which Mexican wolves are also a part of. The purpose of this SAFE program is to consolidate wild Mexican wolf populations. These five pups took a remarkable journey across to New Mexico via plane and with the assistance from LightHawk Conservation Flying. The pups were then placed into the wild den by the IFT.

Seven Mexican wolf pups were born; two of which Trumpet, the mother was able to keep. Wolves harbor tight emotional bonds with their family, and especially with their pups. Therefore, two little pups will stay with their mother Trumpet and father Lighthawk.

We arw so pleased to recieve this amazing news from one of our most favorited organizations and with the best for the pups that will be the future for Mexican gray wolf conservation!

Image copyright: Wolf Conservation Center

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