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Updated: Sep 17, 2023

For the longest time, wolves have been put in a dark light. If you are fond of wolves, you probably know that the aggressing and 'evil' nature that people view them as is false. Wolves are elusive, wary, and scared of humans. But a contributing factor of negitive wolf protrayal is Disney. Not to say that Disney isn't an amazing and successful studio--which it is, the company has made so many iconic and loveable films over the years, but has also put wolves in the negitive spotlight.

For example, the wolf pack in the 2016 movie Frozen is chasing and trying to eat the heros of the movie. But, this of course is an inaccurate narritive. If a wolf sees a human in the wild, it will avoid it. Unless the human in anyway is provoking the wolf, it will stay hidden. But in the movie, the wolves see the characters and begin a chase, attacking the heros. This aspect has been shown throughout many of their films including: The Sword in the Stone, The Beauty and the Beast, Robin Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood.

Image copyright: Walt Disney Co

The Good Side to Disney Wolf Protrayal

Despite Disney showing wolves as villains, the studio has shown wolves as the good guys in some of their movies too! Such as the Jungle Book, where a wolf pack takes care of the main character, and in White Fang. Wolves have also been shown as minor protaganists. Unfortunately, wolves have been shown as the bad guys in other movies by other studios Such as Dreamworks and llumination.

Hopefully, these studios can eventually see past their views, and learn more about wolves and their true nature; whilst continuing to show positive aspects of wolves, and their true elusive personalities. Many young children who have watched the movies and TV shows (esspetally when they first rose to popularity) have learned and been taught that wolves are evil.

In the future, we have high hopes that negitive wolf paintings can be rison above, and they can be put into new light.

Image copyright: Walt Disney Co

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