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At the Wolf Conservation Center on May 1st, a famous Mexican gray wolf named 'Trumpet' gave birth to a litter of 6 pups; according to the Wolf Conservation Center four males and to females!

At the WCC, it is in their bets efforts to unsure critically endangered wolf species such as the Mexican wolf and the red wolf thrive in flourishing populations.

Trumpet and her mate, Lighthawk are two proud parents of yet another litter. Trumpet has had a few pups in the past--some have stayed at the center, while others were released into the wild as a conservation effort.

The Wolf Conservation Center first initiated this wonderful news on their website. To read the full story, visit their news post.

They have also reported catching the wolf pups and Trumpet on camera, as well as their live webcams. Click on the button below to potentially see a wolf pup or two!

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