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Many Native American tribes have asked Joe Biden to restore protections for the grey wolf following his presidential election. hey, have reported that some states have been too aggressive on the animal and are hunting an overwhelming amount of wolves. Tribes have sent messages to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to assist the wolves and restore protection for them.

The Native American groups say that the “anti-wolf” states have taken action in killing more wolves and have the goal of declining wolf populations. Izzy Baird is an advocate for the Relist Wolves Coalition and has been working on pursuing the requests of the groups to once again protect wolves. Idaho has passed a law that allows hunters to kill 90% of the state’s wolf population. As many advocates (such as myself) state that wolves play a vital role in the ecosystem—as said in the letter that the Native American groups sent to Izzy Baird. The concern also contains the worries of the tribes that the wolves should be relisted in January,

In the letter, they also state that the wolves have been stripped of protections across most of the United States. The wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains, and in states such as Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, etc—have lost their protections on account of the wrongful policies set by the government—and in the last days of Trump’s administration. The groups that have been named in this new story are called the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, the Native Justice Coalition, the Navajo Nation, the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council, and more.

They even sent another message to the Haaland member in New Mexico to relist wolves for 240 days for an emergency protection trial in hope of permanent protection.

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