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Just a couple months ago, the Endangered Species Act celebrated it's 50th anniversary; and at the same time, the White House opposed Lauren Boebert's plan to delist wolves. The ESA is powerful and dedicated to ensuring protections for species that are under attack from brutal hunting, habitat loss, etc.

The government may have opposed Boebert's claims, but the species still are at risk. Conserving the Wolves' founder (Ivy Raen) has sent a letter today urging US president Joe Biden, as well as the administration to continue to fight fot wolves and their protections.

Here is the letter she wrote:

"Hello, my name is Ivy Raen, and I would like to say thank you for opposing Representative Lauren Boebert's false claim on the Endangered Species Act, and continuing to protect it against threats. As a wolf and animal advocate, I kindly urge you to keep defending wolves and other species--as well as the laws that protect them."

It is also important for other wolf and species advocates and conservationists to continue defending these laws and rights to fully ensure they are put into place.

Image copyright: Wolf Conservation center

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