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At the sanctuary in Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, two new red wolves would be a part of the haven. The center welcomed two male red wolves who they named 2246M and 2247M. Real names have not been given to the brothers yet, but are soon to come. These endangered wolves are an aspect of the Red Wolf Recovery Program. (RWRP) There are only about 19 red wolves left in the entire world—and why this program is highly important.

A female 8-year-old red wolf was transferred to the Wolf Conservation Center and as members and supporters of the WCC (such as myself know), she was dubbed a name—Sage by the WCC staff. The Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge had transferred Sage to the Wolf Conservation Center where she would receive a new mate there.

Webcams at the PLNWR now give viewers a full glance at the relationship and behavior between the two brothers. The staff and wildlife researchers say that red wolves are very rare and naturally shy—therefore those watching the wolves will get a lucky opportunity to see them.

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