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A man by the name of Morgan Watsyk recently spotted a wolf pack. He stated that the wolves he saw were 'gorgeous beasts’ Morgan Watsyk claims that his eyesight is not the best—but is very luck to have seen wolves that day. At first, Morgan thought that the wolves were mountain goats before he got close enough to realize that they were wolves. In total, Morgan counted about eleven wolves walking across the road. He has seen many wild animals in his time living in the North—such as bears, coyotes, foxes, and now, wolves! As Morgan slowly moved his car closer to the wolf pack, they turned and ran into the forest. Morgan was amazed to see such a thing that day and said "I was really definitely quite amazed to see 11 wolves at once. So yeah, somebody was definitely looking after me there that day!" This video was posted to Facebook not long after it was recorded. Dean Cluff—a wildlife biologist shared this video further with the public—to which it gained many views. Watsyk thought about getting out of his truck and giving one of the wolves “a pet”, but then he decided to just leave the wolves alone. He also reported that the wolves were ‘moose wolves’ as their main diet consits of eating moose.

The wildlife biologist and thinks that the wolves will soon pair off and breed in March. Morgan says that wolf attacks are “in fact, very rare”

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