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Lobo Week is a special time for celebration. From March 25-March 31, conservation and advocacy groups are educating individuals on why wolves are so vital, and others are encouraged to vote for certain laws that apply to the wolves' welfare, donate money to orginizations who are fighting for wolf survival, advocates educating people, and by signing petitions/writing letters for the government to survey.

How Can I Participate in #LoboWeek?

There are several main ways you can participate in Lobo Week--supporting for-wolves orginizations, using social media to share the #LoboWeek and try persuading others to advocate as well. Advocating comes in all shapes and sizes--whether it's creating a presentation with information about wolves, why they are important, and ways they you can help them. If more people know about wolves, they will be more influenced and will want to help protect them.

You can also donate money to protection programs such as the Wolf Conservation Center. Lastly, signing petitions is known to be a fantastic way to help wolves. The government could potentially write a new law protecting wolves depending on how many people have signed it.

Your child can also be persuaded to assist wolves in the wild as well! If you are educated yourself, try teaching this information to your child. This way, they can become a fierce conservationist for wolves!

Helpful Links:

Spread #LoboWeek on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

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