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Early this August, Ivy Raen set off on a three-week long bound to Yellowstone National Park. On this journey, she, and her travel mate Kristal stopped in several other states where they did other amazing things regaring wolves.

Event 1

Our first event that we did was visiting Colorado Wolf Adventures, which is a nonprofit organization where you get the opportunity to walk with wolves in the Garden of the Gods park. Ivy and Kristal met two wolves named Spirit and Ghost. Kristal and Ivy got over 200 photos taken with the wolves on their walk. The two wolves, Ghost and Spirit were so sweet. Spirit was a lovebug, always giving kisses and tail wags. At the end of our walk, Peggy, the owner gave us a hardrive with all of our photos on it.

Ghost was more aloof, but it was an honor to earn his trust. He is a really sweet wolf. "It was an amazing excursion with these beautiful animals, meeting the friendly staff, and interacting with the wolves." Says Ivy Raen.

Event 2

The next event was visiting Yellowstone. On this leg of our journey, we were accompanied by another supporter of CTW. She knows two Yellowstone experts who took us to Lamar Valley; an area of Yellowstone where most of the wolf packs live. We got up at the crack of dawn--5:30 am to make it in time to see wolves. When we arrived in Lamar Valley, we saw several different species including: bison, elk, pronghorns, hawks, and a grizzly bear. Sadly, we didn't see any wolves.

Nonetheless, we were thrilled to see the other species that inabit the vast and beautiful Yellowstone. The bison were also in "rutting" meaning it's at the time when they mate.

Other than Lamar Valley, we visited Artist's Point, and some hot springs. It was quite a hot day for where we were; so we were pretty tired after walking and we had been out for 12 hours. On the trip, Ivy was even gifted a beautiful book from one of the Yellowstone experts with Doug Smith's signature written inside of it.

Doug Smith is the world renowned founder of the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction.

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