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February 2 is a debate for wolves. On this day, the listing status will be reviewed. This will mean that wolves could be delisted for the Endangered Species list, or be relisted in the Northern Rockies. The U.S Fish and Wildlife service intends to submit a proposed rule concerning the listing status of gray wolves in the lower-48 United States. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland has the power to relist wolves in the Rockies as the status review is on the horizon. With less than a day away, we can still convince Deb Haaland to relist wolves in the Rockies and protect the ESA. Sign the RelistWolves petition today!

"We hope that Deb Haaland will follow up on her promise to protect wolves. If things do not go well for gray wolves, we will continue to fight until ALL gray wolves are protected." Says Conserving the Wolves founder.

Wolf Conservation Center

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