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Recently, the Wolf Conservation Center announced that a new ambassador wolf pup would be joining the pack in late Spring. The center introduced a pup naming challenge where WCC supporters would submit a name that they liked.

At the end of the naming process (which lasted about a week), The WCC then chose four top names that they liked, and to be voted on. These names were Kenai, Silas, Takota and Fenris.

After the voting period was over, the wolf pup's name was annunced on Twitch today. The wolf pup's name is Silas. Although the pup is still young, the WCC is preparing to introduce Silas to his siblings Alawa and Nikai. The Wolf Conservation Center even shared a picture of Silas on Facebook.

We are very excited watch Silas grow and flourish over his amazing years at the WCC and teach people about the role wolves play in the environment.

So, welcome the newest ambassador pup!

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