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Colorado Wolf Adventures is a program that teaches people about wolves; just like Conserving the Wolves. Although, our Founder, Raen says that the center is underrated, and deserves more attention. But other than being an initiative for educating people about wolves, the founder and owner, Peggy provides two activities that people can engage in; Education Programs and Wolf Walks and Photos.

The education program is ideal for students to learn about wolves and their conservation. You can learn more about these activity by clicking the button below.

Another program, which is the more popular one; Wolf Walks and Photos. This is a unique activity in which you will meet Peggy at the historical Colorado site, Garden of the Gods along with two wolves that you will walk with for the timespan of about 2 hours and covering 1.5 miles. Along the way, you will get pictures of you with the wolves.

What to Expect on a Wolf Walk

  • Children up to 8 years old can attend a wolf walk, but you have to 18 to actually hold the leash, according to Peggy. But, one of the best things about the walks is you get about 400 photos on a flash drive for free!

  • You have to wear the right shoes and clothing. On the CWA website, they specify that it's recommended to wear sun protection and water on hot days, and layers on colder days. It is Colorado, and it can drop to -30 degrees.

  • Try and book your walk 3 months in advance. Since these walks are often booked, making the reservation 3 months in advance will create the perfect time to visit.


About the Resident Wolves

There are 5 wolves that reside at Colorado Wolf Adventures; the wolves' names are Spirit, Ghost, Apache, Kiowa, and Shasta.

Most of the wolves there are high-content wolf dogs, which are wolf/dog hybrids that are mostly wolf.

But other than the experiences themselves, the programs are for the wellbeing of wolves. Wolves in Colorado just recently got the thumbs up for their reintroduction, and going here can also sponsor this conservation effort. Peggy, the owner of CWA has had other

experiences with wolves.

Please consider sponsoring this organization for the welfare of wolves, and help support Peggy's mission!

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