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On January 28th, cameras on Isle Royale caught footage of a wolf who fell through the ice and seemingly clawed it’s way out. This wolf seems to have been separated or broken away from it’s pack. Paw prints in the snow surrounding the frozen hole show the wolf at the surface of the ice hole and departing from it. This information was gathered from researchers in a helicopter/plane overhead. It is unknown why the wolf was separated from it’s pack. On the island where this lone wolf was spotted (Isle Royale) is rare. In 2013, only 8 wolves were known to reside on this island; but with assistence from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the wolf population has now jumped from 8 wolves to 28.

A social media post by the Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Project contained info that stated the wolf’s natural instincts kicked in, and that’s how it was able to escape the hole which is normally below freezing.

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