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Wolves are curious animals—if they spot something as “interesting” as a trail cam, they will most likely inspect it and like in this story, play with it. Two wolves in Denali decided to interact with one of these cameras and pull on its cord. This story was posted to Facebook by the Denali National Park and Preserve. This event occurred on December 2nd.

They say that the camera was not intended to be a toy for the wolves, but to rather capture their behavior. But these mischievous wolves just wanted something fun to toy with.

Many photos included with the Facebook post caught up-close pictures of the wolves’ faces. They appear to be “playing” with the cord before destroying it. Park officials say that it’s probably just some curious pups that wanted to find out what this foreign object was in their natural home. However, many people; including park officials joke that the wolves just simply wanted some privacy. Other animals in the wild also appear to be fidgeting and playing with the trail cams. These cameras are especially used to capture motion and the animals themselves. Many biologists and researchers use these handy devices—although, animals such as wolves are unfortunately no strangers to a human objects in their natural habitat.

Image copyright: Wolf Conservation Center

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